Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Joy that Is...

...my daughter. I can't begin to express the feelings of JOY my daughter brings me. She is the most precious gift from God. I hold her and can't believe she is mine. I made her. I carried her. She loves me. I'm her mama.

Everyday that goes by I love her more. She is such a happy girl. Hearing her coo and giggle is music to my ears. Seeing her smile and wink makes my eyes light up. Smelling her sweet, sweet smell makes my heart pound. Touching her soft chubby cheeks, well I can hardly stand it, I literally have to stop myself from biting her!! I just wanna eat her up!

There is nothing in the world that could prepare you for the joy of being a mom. I had no idea what this love would feel like. She is so precious and innocent. She looks to me for everything she needs in her little tiny world.

I constantly thank God for this perfect being he gave me, that I get the privilege of being her mommy. She makes me want to be the best person I can be...

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