Saturday, July 25, 2009

Battle of the Blue Jeans

4 months later and I'm still wearing maternity jeans. I have a problem with this. Let me give you the lowdown on the pregnancy LB's...I gained about 28-29 pounds, a fair and average amount for my height and pre-baby weight (which I note was not quite where I wanted to start off, but that's besides the point)...of those 28 lbs. I have lost about 20, the remaining 10 lbs feel like they are going to hang around until my dying day.

For what I carry around in my jugs, I thought the rest of my body would have gone back to normal by now. I feel that last 10 lbs are literally made up of milk and massive breast tissue...but that's a whole other blog. So here's my point...why the hell can't I get my old jeans up past my knees? I've heard that term "child-bearing hips" but I didn't think it was meant so literally. They don't look that much bigger to me. (Scratching my head). The jeans I can get up over my hips, when I squeeze that poor little button, all I am doing is creating that ever-so-pleasant "muffin top". Back in the closet my old jeans went. Every couple of weeks I try again..sadly no luck.

This week I decided to bite the bullet and go shopping for new pair of transitional jeans, in other words FAT pants. Now these jeans can be dangerous, for you could get too comfy and accustom to this new comfortable size. Up until this point I said NO!, I will not by any jeans in this size, I am determined to get into my old jeans! But something told me, I may never get back into those old jeans, not to say I won't lose the weight, just a realization that my body has changed, internally as well as this outer fat suit I'm wearing.

Hmmm...what do I do? I thought and then said out loud: "I need mom jeans!" No more 'low rise' denim, no more 'junior' sizes! Did I really think I could still wear 'odd number' sizes? Oh no, I am so wearing the even numbers now. Maybe some day I can sling on a pair of low rise jeans again, when the pooch goes away, but for now no one needs to see my ass crack. Whitney said it all sister: Crack is Whack!

Not wanting to spend a fortune on the fat jeans I headed out to Old Navy...thinking I would score a sensible pair of jeans, maybe 2 if I got lucky. Mmmm, not so much, I tried on about 6 pairs of jeans, different rises, washes, lengths, colors. Now some of them did fit, but the higher waisted ones just made me laugh...all of my 5 foot 3 body was shoved into those jeans...I was jeans with arms...and a head. Yes, my tummy looked flat, of course when the jeans came up over my belly button whats to hang over? It was a lose/lose situation. Are there no jeans made for a post pregnancy body???

I'd wear these maternity jeans forever if I could, they are so comfy, and they have the ever so lovely panel to hold everything in. You don't even have to unzip when you go potty! I think all jeans should have elastic tops, buttons and zippers are over rated. Trouble is I only have 2 pairs that I wear and I wash the crap out of them...they are ultra faded and starting to become flood pants. I am so tempted to go buy a brand new fresh pair. But I wont! I will work hard to lose inches around my hips and lose the preggo pooch...I have to, it's my only option unless I want to end up in LEE jeans...and those are mom jeans FER SURE!!


  1. Do NOT buy more maternity jeans! Not until you make me another neice or a nephew at least. You'll get back into your old jeans eventually. It tooke me a while, too. And when I finally did get back into them I felt so skinny!

    Don't be afraid to buy Mom Jeans! I have a pair Lee's and I'm proud to wear them!!

  2. You always get it right on! I still have ten pounds too! I went out and bought a pair of new jeans and a pair of jean caprisa a size larger then I was wearing before I was pregnant and I don't want to buy more because I don't want to get too comfortable in them either! One day I am hoping to get back into my old jeans but I am sure by that time I will find out I am pregnant again!