Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Holy Blogger Batman

In these hi-speed, technologically advanced times...I felt one way I could keep up and be apart of things is to blog. I don't have a iPhone, a Crackberry or even web access on my phone. But what I do have is 10 digits and a lot of thoughts...I can blog. Let this be my first blog, an intro if you will.

I am guessing most of my blogs will consist of the following categories: my new adventures in motherhood, my love/hate relationship with my ever so changing body, baby milestones, disastrous tales of my bad dog, the irritatingly manly things my husband does and other random entries.

In short, I am a new mom to a beautiful girl, a great wife ( if I must say so), a friend, daughter, sister, & aunt...just looking for a forum for my little voice to be heard. Just a spot to collect my thoughts while I'm chillin' over here 'In 'da Mommyhood'...

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